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Another year, another vision board

It seemed like bad mojo when I couldn’t find the vision board I made at a vision board party last year. If you lose your vision board does that mean you’ve lost your vision? Yes, I had a picture of it that I’d taken for a blog entry, but that’s not really the same thing. I looked behind the bookcase I’d had it propped up on and…

SCORE! I found twenty bucks! I have no idea how it got back there, but I ain’t turning Mr. Jackson away. However, I still had no vision board. After an extensive search of the apartment I finally discovered it leaning against my dresser in the closet, which triggered a vague memory of relocating it there myself a few months ago. Existential crisis avoided.

I was looking for my board because the same friend who hosted the party last year held one again last week, this time as a brunch during daylight hours which made her house much easier to find, thank goodness. I took a look at the board […]

Vision boarding is much better than waterboarding

Last night I went to a vision board party. Part of me feels like this is akin to telling people I like the band Aqua (which, yes, I do) because they’re both admissions that are likely to provoke the response, “You what?” I’ve decided I don’t care though, probably because I’m getting older and I find myself putting up with less shit as the numbers rack up on my personal age odometer.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a vision board is a collage of images and/or words cut from magazines and pasted on a board which represent the things you want to attract into your life in the coming year. It’s sort of like Pinterest, with paste. It’s partly based on The Law of Attraction which is a concept I have mixed feelings about. The law of attraction hit a peak of popularity when Oprah did a two-part show about the book The Secret many years ago. I don’t know if we can really attract things into our lives by thinking about […]

Who needs sleep? I do. And on a regular schedule a.k.a. Operation: GeMSToNE, Phase 1

Photo by Moyan Brenn / by CC BY 2.0

I have a new neighbor in the apartment above me. I know this because it was 5:30 in the morning and I wanted to kill him.

Let me explain. Lately I have been working hard to maintain a regular sleeping schedule. This is one of the many things I’ve developed a new appreciation for as I’ve gotten older, along with shoes with good arch support and the benefits of having a washer and dryer directly in my apartment.

One of the great things about freelancing is that I get to set my own schedule, and one of the horrible things about freelancing is that I get to set my own schedule. I’m not sure I was ready for the responsibility at first, like a child who was told she could pick her own breakfast and opted for pixie sticks and pepperoni pizza. I started sleeping in later and later, which led to me getting up later and later, until one night I was still awake when the sun […]

Don’t stop the bus

Photo by Bill McChesney / by CC BY 2.0

I’ve only known two people who have been murdered.

The first was Ms. Aqua, my school bus driver. I lived in the suburbs but I attended a magnet high school downtown, so I got there by taking a bus to a middle school across the street from the projects which served as a transfer hub. Then I hopped on Ms. Aqua’s bus for the 5-10 minute ride to my school. Her bus had a sign in the window that said “AQUA” spelled in capital letters, but I didn’t realize that was her last name at first. I thought it was a color guide so the younger kids could find the right bus. What color bus do you ride? I ride the aqua bus! But no, that was actually her last name.

It was her first year as a driver and Ms. Aqua wasn’t quite cut out for it. She got lost on the way to school that first day. We had to give her directions. She seemed overwhelmed, but […]

Divorce and the end of all things

Photo by Claudio Vaccaro / by NC-ND 2.0 CC

Ten years ago today my parents’ marriage ended. The divorce was finalized months later, but today is the day my dad left suddenly and unexpectedly. I didn’t notice that today was that day until a friend emailed me this afternoon. She’s getting divorced too. That’s when I noticed the date and was like, Oh, right, October 9th. It must be National Divorce Day or something.

I’ve passed through many stages of adulthood. In my early twenties there was the Oh, wow, my friends are getting married! stage. Then came the Oh, wow, my friends are having kids! period. Now we seem to have entered the Oh, wow my friends are getting divorced! period. I’m not sure what stages will follow. Probably the Oh, wow, my friends are getting remarried! period, the Oh, wow, my friends are grandparents! period, and eventually the Oh, wow, my friends are dying! period. That’s a lot of exclamation points for all those periods.

I have at least three friends right now who are divorced […]

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Chocolate & Vicodin: My Quest for Relief from the Headache that Wouldn't Go Away Half-Assed: A Weight-Loss Memoir

Jennette Fulda tells stories to the Internet about her life as a smartass, writer, chronic headache sufferer, (former?) weight-loss inspiration, and overall nice person (who is silently judging you). She was formerly known as PastaQueen. You can contact her if you promise to be nice.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for keyboards ruined by coffee spit-takes or forehead wrinkles caused by deep thought.


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